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Week 5: James is HoH

Week 4: Ryan is HoH

Week 3: Josh and Sharon are HoH

Week 2: James and Chelsia are HoH

Week 1: Alex and Amanda are HoH

Feb 19: House leaning towards evicting Parker/Jen (13 videos)
Feb 18: Parker Campaigning, trash talking Amanda, and Ryans a racist (23 videos)
Feb 17: Veto ceremony, Everyone yells at Amanda (16 videos)
Feb 16: Slow Saturday (17 videos)
Feb 15: Veto Competition over Matt/Natalie win (11 videos)
Feb 14: Valentines Day, Love is in the Air (15 videos)
Feb 13: Neil Quits, Josh picks Sharon to come Back (6 videos)
Feb 12: Big Brother CBS Premiere and Feeds launch
Feb 11: ??????
Feb 10: ??????
Feb 9: Power Couple Jen/Parker evict Sharon and Jacob. Alex/Amanda win HoH
Feb 8: Jacob calls Parker a snake
Feb 7: 16 Houseguests seeking fame/fortune enter the Big Brother House